Don't Hang Up! 1.7.2


This software prevents from accidentally hanging up the phone.

This software prevents from accidentally hanging up the phone when your cheek touches the screen.

Xperia, Galaxy S comes with proximity sensor to prevent this accidental hang-ups.
However, how many times have you already had this very frustrating experience?
This is why we felt the need for creating this software.

■Able to select the function auto regurd by proximity sensor.
■Bug Fix:The guard sometimes did not work when received call.
■Automatically reguarded by a proximity sensor again after you cut guard.

■ The status bar can now be locked while the guard is taking.
However, background image is not transparent.(Option)
■ Adjustable time to start guard by specifying option.

V1.4.0 2011/03/30 Ver.8
It is added the cooperation function on our new application "Don't Hang Up! Decoration" exhibition
The "Don't Hang Up! Decoration" do the decorations of your smartphone cutely.
Specifically, look at the page of the で "Don't Hang Up! Decoration" "watching an application more" of "the developer information".

V1.3.0 2011/02/25 Ver.7
・Bug Fix

V1.2.0 2010/12/13
・You can change the color of guard screen, and select to use or not use the vibes at end of call and the double tap to stop guard.
・For battery consumption

Key :proximity sensor, [Dispatch][A reply], Prevention of cutting, shield, Protection, telephone, vibrate, vibration

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